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The application of Proengineer software in the design and manufacturing of die-casting molds

with the rapid development of China's automobile, motorcycle, home appliance and other industries, the shape of industrial products has become more and more complex while meeting the performance requirements, and the manufacturing of these products cannot be separated from molds, which requires the mold manufacturing industry to produce molds with the fastest speed, the lowest cost and the highest quality. In order to meet the above requirements, mold enterprises can only be invincible in the fierce market competition by using advanced management means and cad/cam integrated manufacturing technology

Guangzhou cavity mold factory began to use pro/engineer software to design and manufacture die-casting molds in 1992, and has successively completed scientific research and development projects such as the national "Eighth Five Year Plan" key enterprise technology research project "research and development of large and complex die-casting molds" and Guangzhou key scientific and technological research project "Application Research of computer-aided mold design, manufacturing and analysis", which has caused pro/engineer software for two times, The software has been applied to develop large and complex die-casting molds for motorcycle engines, gear boxes, automobile clutch shells, household appliances, etc., and has completed the three-dimensional modeling, mold design and NC machining programming of more than 100 sets of molds, which has achieved great economic benefits

here are some experiences of using pro/engineer software to design and manufacture die-casting dies

integrated manufacturing technology of pro/engineer software

the key to the integration of mold cad/cae/cam system is to establish a single graphic database, realize the automatic transmission and conversion of data between CAD, CAE, cam and each unit, so that the cam and CAE stages can fully absorb the three-dimensional graphics in the CAD stage, and reduce the time and error of intermediate modeling; With the help of computer, the mold performance, mold structure, machining accuracy, the flow of metal liquid in the mold and the temperature distribution in the working process of the mold are repeatedly modified and optimized, and the problems are found before formal production, which greatly shortens the mold making time and improves the machining accuracy of the mold

pro/engineer software adopts object-oriented unified database and parametric modeling technology, and has the functions of conceptual design, basic design and detailed design, which provides an excellent platform for the integrated manufacturing of molds

Application of concurrent engineering technology of pro/engineer in mold

mold is an order oriented production mode, which belongs to single sex production, with complex manufacturing process and short delivery time. If CAD and CAM cell technology are used to manufacture molds, the manufacturing accuracy is low and the cycle is long. In order to solve the above problems, We introduce concurrent engineering technology to the origin of the modulus strain curve (if the stretching load deforms, the tensile secant elastic modulus: in the manufacturing process of tensile stress tools.

the so-called concurrent engineering is that the Design Engineer considers the molding process of the mold and the factors affecting the mold life when designing the three-dimensional parts of the product, and proofreads and checks them to discover the errors in the design process in advance. After the three-dimensional model of the product is preliminarily established, many engineers in the design, manufacturing and auxiliary analysis departments carry out it at the same time Mold structure design, engineering detail design, mold performance auxiliary analysis and NC machine tool processing instruction programming, and the modifications made by each engineer to the product can be automatically reflected to other engineers, which greatly shortens the process time of reducing the weight of a certain type of single component in design and NC programming

in the actual production process, using pro/engineer software, we changed the serial process route of the original mold structure design → mold cavity and core two-dimensional design → process preparation → mold cavity and core design three-dimensional modeling → NC machining instruction programming → NC machining into a parallel route of simultaneous design and process preparation by different engineers, which not only improves the manufacturing accuracy of the mold, but also shortens the design The NC programming time is more than 40%

to implement concurrent engineering, the key is to realize the sharing of 3D graphic data of parts, so that the graphic data used by each engineer is absolutely the same, and the modifications made by each engineer are automatically reflected to other relevant engineers, so as to ensure the uniqueness and reliability of the data. The single database and parameterized solid feature modeling technology of pro/engineer software provides a reliable technical guarantee for the realization of concurrent engineering

tips for using pro/engineer software establish a suitable running environment

in pro/engineer software, by establishing appropriate o files, you can establish a standard pro/engineer software running environment and a very personalized running environment, so as to improve the efficiency of use, especially the reasonable use of mapkey, and the establishment of command combination can reduce the time of menu selection

if the part is shaded, just add mapkey $ F4 view to the o file# VIEW ; It uses servo electromechanical as the power source cosmotic# SHADE ; # DISPLAY ; # The plan also defines done-return; Press F4 to finish the coloring instruction, reduce the time of menu selection and improve the efficiency. Any combination of instructions can be completed by analogy

note: under the directory of pro/e/text, O automatically transfers in after starting pro/e, and manages the entire operating environment. Under the working directory, O is only applicable to this directory

establish a standard parts library

use the parameterization function of pro/engineer software or instruction programming technology to establish a standard parts library commonly used in the unit, reduce repeated modeling time and improve design efficiency

various problems arising from the setting of accuracy in mold design can be solved by improving the accuracy (giving a smaller accuracy value)

some features of geom check in solid modeling can also be solved by improving accuracy. However, the higher the accuracy, the longer the time it takes to regenerate the part

chamfer skills

⑴ chamfer should be carried out after the draft angle is completed. If chamfer is completed first, then the surface associated with chamfer may not be able to complete the design of the draft angle

⑵ when chamfering some entities, the chamfered surface can be displayed on the screen, but the chamfer cannot be completed. At this time, select make surface in the option of attachment type to generate a chamfered surface. After merging the generated chamfered surfaces, cut out the entity with the merged surface to generate the required entity

pay attention to the prompt of geom check, and try to eliminate the feature of geom check in the modeling stage, otherwise there may be problems in mold design and processing

reasonably use the mixed modeling of surface and solid

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