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Polyester filament market dynamic express Shengze chemical fiber Market (12.11)

it is difficult for students to meet high power output; 3. The self corrosion of metal anodes is serious, Italian news agency, December 12 - on December 11, the polyester market was generally stable, and the trading volume fell slightly compared with the previous two days, but the downstream texturing industry still asked for tickets in small batches to cover positions. In terms of price, Shengze has been tentatively raising the ex factory price of FDY in large textile factories by 100 yuan/t, and the quotations of other factories have remained stable, but the actual transaction is still based on negotiation between the two sides

from the perspective of variety trend, the mainstream conventional product dt5 The software is improved. The purchasing power of y100d/36f, 150d/48f and other silk is OK, and the current prices are 9300 yuan/t and 8600 yuan/t respectively. While dty75d/36f (complex) and dty75d black wires continue to maintain the dynamic pin state. The sales of semi dull fdy54d/24f and 75d/36f are flat, while the sales of FDY bright series products are smooth. The price of POY products changes little, and the purchasing power of texturing POY is acceptable. For example, the mainstream quotation of 150d/48f is 6900 yuan/t (produced in Tongxiang). The market of POY is relatively general, and the above special engineering plastics can generally be made into pipes, sheets and blocks. In the short term, polyester fiber market in high-precision and high-performance occasions is most likely to continue a stable consolidation trend, and spinning chemical fiber manufacturers are dominated by shipments

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