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Britain made the world's first vacuum cleaner with recycled wrapping paper

a young British inventor made the world's first vacuum cleaner with recycled ordinary wrapping paper. Its characteristic is that it is mainly wrapped in hard paper

VAX, an international cleaning company, is so interested in the creative product called EV made by Jake Tyler, a British industrial design major, that there is no bright spot for marketing. It plans to mass produce stable and reliable cardboard vacuum cleaners and test market demands

tyler designed VAX eV for his graduation work, which was supported by the new product design team of VAX UK center

tyler, 22, who studied in Central England, made a breakthrough in the high-precision, sensitive and fast servo electromechanical control system. He said: when he saw the manufacture of vacuum cleaners and considered how to absorb as much dust as possible, I had this idea. Each vacuum cleaner is molded by injection molding. I want to combine the function and sustainability of vacuum cleaner with the environment as much as possible, and make it recyclable by using cardboard as much as possible

ev has the same function as other vacuum cleaners, but the production cost and use cost are relatively low, and the quality is particularly light. It can also be customized, and customers can have fun from it. I have high expectations for products, especially in Asian markets such as China. Its manufacturing cost is very low. Tyler said

vax EV uses corrugated cardboard for packaging as the panel. If it is damaged, it can be replaced, and the price only needs one tenth of the plastic panel

tyler said: it is suggested that the experimental machine with positive stress amplitude ratio should be used in the experiment. People's vacuum cleaner can only be thrown away after it breaks down, but this kind of vacuum cleaner can be easily repaired. The cardboard panel has a fireproof coating, which can also be waterproof. People can also draw on cardboard to make their vacuum cleaners have their own characteristics

Paul Bagwell, a spokesman for VAX, said: they are still multifunctional. Initially, they were used as packaging cartons for vacuum cleaners. Once the cardboard part was separated from the carton, they would surround the motor without any glue. They are completely customized. With only a thick signing pen, you can turn your vacuum cleaner into a unique work of art

in fact, the components cannot be made of cardboard. They are made of recyclable pure nylon plastic by rapid manufacturing process, rather than injection molding. This means that VAX EV can produce locally and accept orders without expensive molds and assembly lines, avoiding long-distance distribution

bagwell said: as sustainability has become a matter of increasing concern to manufacturers, VAX EV shows what can be achieved when young designers are encouraged to start creative thinking and break the design board limit

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