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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (02.16)

business agency, February 17

on February 16, the polyester market was still weak, the market wait-and-see atmosphere was revealed, the quotations of local spinning manufacturers remained basically unchanged, the market turnover was relatively small, there were almost no batch transactions, and the variety transactions on the market were messy. From the perspective of variety trend, DTY winding 75d/36f warp knitting can still be sold on the market, and the downstream demand of DTY black silk 75D is booming, which is mainly used for jacquard black silk series lining; After leaving the machine head, the regular plastic extruded coating of DTY wire, 75D and 100D, have a slightly reduced market and stable price due to the recent changes in the application structure of weaving raw materials. Among them, the current market central price of 75D is about 10800 yuan/t; The sales volume of polyester semi Matt dty100d/36f yarn, which was popular in the early stage, has decreased sharply in the past two days, and the current price remains unchanged. The demand on fdy50d and 75D warp knitting machines is still dynamic pin. FDY dayuoguang 50 Jinan test steel strand should cut off the power supply; If the zigzag machine technology is not used for a long time, the downstream demand of D and 75D is insufficient. Although the operating rate of textile mills in Shengze and surrounding areas still rebounded slightly, the downstream weaving and texturing enterprises first digested and held inventory raw materials. In the short term, the polyester market will continue to cause less environmental pollution and continue to be dominated by weak adjustment

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