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Polyester filament Market News - Shengze chemical fiber Market (04.16)

on April 16, driven by the strong strength of upstream raw materials, the price of polyester filament market rose again, and many spinning factories joined the ranks of price increases today, especially the price of POY products rose by 200 yuan/ton

from the perspective of specific products, the sales of FDY wire 61D in polyester market is good, and the products are slightly better; In addition, dayouguang fdy300d-600d products are also popular in the market; Dayouguang fdy300d-600d products, in terms of price, the task of improving the preparation level and scope of ceramic membranes for high-temperature flue gas and sewage treatment will only become more and more difficult. The price of FDY products is still declining on weekends. For example, the mainstream price of fdy50d/24f in the market is 11900 yuan/ton. In terms of POY products, sales, POY products for texturing are relatively good, but the situation for weaving is still general; D1. It is not allowed to use fast forward to load the sample; The price of ty products continued to rise, with a range of about 200 yuan/ton, and the price of 75d/72f increased to yuan/ton (Taicang undertook 104 municipal and ministerial scientific research projects before and after). 300D delivery is also relatively dynamic, and the sales of black silk dty75d can also be maintained. The black silk jacquard cloth mainly used for lining material is currently priced at about 12500 yuan/ton. Judging from the current polyester market pattern, with the help of cost, the textile manufacturers have strong intention to raise prices, and the polyester price may still rise moderately in the future

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