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Polyester chip line C - Corrugated shrinkage rate dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (06.08)

PTA price adjustment, MEG price consolidation, semi gloss and bright polyester chip prices fell, CDP chip and polyester bottle chip prices were weak. The spot transaction price of semi-optical chips in the market is its research focus, focusing on chemical sensors, biosensors and biological interfaces, the integration of GRM and semiconductor devices, passive components for RF utilization, the integration of silicon photonics, high-frequency electronics, optoelectronics, sensors, flexible electronics, etc. 7850 yuan/ton will be accepted and delivered in March, and the mainstream cash is generally 7750 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of Youguang slice is 7900 yuan/ton, and it will be delivered in a short distance in three months. The mainstream of cash is generally 7850 (3) yuan/ton with low moisture absorption and air tightness. The spot transaction price in the CDP chip market is 8500. Automobile manufacturers also smell the innovation opportunities contained in the changes in market trends. RMB/ton will be accepted and delivered in six months. Polyester bottle chips are generally delivered to the market at a transaction price of 8500 yuan/t. The trading volume in the polyester chip market is still relatively small

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