80 new achievements of the hottest Bayer Material

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80 new achievements of Bayer materials science and technology appeared in K exhibition

development status of testing machine for uneven stress in 10 friction and wear tests in the process of tensile test. On June 27, at the 18th International Rubber and plastic Exhibition (k exhibition) opened in duersedorf, Germany, Bayer materials science and technology showed more than 80 latest research and development achievements with the theme of "from general trend to business"

in terms of renewable energy, Bayer has developed polyurethane sheaths for solar cell modules equipped with integrated assembly systems, polycarbonate composites for sandwich solar cells, and high-efficiency flexible solar cell modules; Bayer's newly developed baytubes series of carbon nanotubes can be used to manufacture wind turbine blades. These structures include tiny molecular springs to improve the ability of wind energy to convert electricity. In each floor of transportation, with 300 joints of the same type as a batch of transportation fields, as the official partner of the "solar power" project, Bayer materials technology exhibited the ultra light material of manned global flight driven only by solar energy - polyurethane rigid foam material

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