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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (11.26)

Business Club fixed the plastic hose for oil supply after the oil supply ended on November 27. On November 26, the trading volume of polyester market was still enlarged, mainly reflected in POY and FDY filaments. Downstream weaving mills and texturing industries had small batch replenishment actions, and the price trend showed a steady, medium and slightly rising trend

from the trend of market varieties: the sales of FDY dayouguang series products in Shengze market are not bad; In particular, the recent shipments of FDY's 150d/84f have slightly increased on father's day last year. Semi extinction fdy50d/24f continues to maintain the dynamic pin state; FDY's semi extinction 63d/24f market has a small number, which is expected to reach 1/3 of the batch sales in 2025. The demand for conventional coarse denier varieties in DTY Market increased, while the market transactions of 72d/72f and 150d/144f in DTY network fell. According to Tongxiang and Taicang direct spinning manufacturers, the production and marketing situation of textured POY is still good, and the sales of POY in the market are also large. Although the spinning manufacturers have little inventory pressure, they are more cautious about the future market of polyester. They still take the shipment volume as the main factor without corrosive medium pollution, and believe that the overall polyester market is more likely to be finished in a narrow range in the short term

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