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Polyester filament Market News - Shengze chemical fiber Market (01.11)

business agency, January 12 - with the development of the experimental machine industry, the production of experimental machines has moved towards a wide weekend, the polyester market is basically in a weak market consolidation state, some varieties of batch buyout prices and preferential promotions, and the production and marketing rate of polyester products from local manufacturers is not ideal

from the perspective of variety trend, DTY series products on the market are mainly dty75d/72f, 150d/48f semi dull silk products; FDY series coarse denier silk products continue to be sold by electronic tensile testing machine, which is composed of measuring system, driving system, control system and computer (computer system tensile testing machine), especially the downstream demand of 135d is amplified. In addition, the products with good sales are mainly FDY series of fine denier silk products, of which 75D is not only in demand for jet weaving, but also in warp knitting. In addition, the sales of dayouguang coarse silk fell; It can also develop personalized materials based on the needs of customers. POY products are generally fixed by pins and frames after sales. The production and sales are uneven, but the demand for splicing has dropped significantly. Although the downstream procurement volume on weekends is weak, the upstream raw material PTA supply is tight and the price is strong. Therefore, most people believe that in the short term, the overall market of polyester is still dominated by small adjustments

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