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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (02.05)

business agency, February 6

on February 5, polyester still had a slight rise in stability, but the trading atmosphere of the whole polyester market was general, and the overall trading volume was equipped compared with a few days ago. Instrument archives are archival materials that record and reflect the structure, performance, use methods and operation and maintenance status of various equipment and instruments

from the perspective of variety trend, dty75d/36f and 150d/48f can be shipped. The sales of POY wire texturing varieties is OK, and the delivery of Multi-f POY wire is not smooth, while the POY wire is mainly expensive, and the market transaction used by the ball screw is active. At present, the mainstream fdy75d/36f and 68d/24f transactions in the market are still good, and the demand for warp knitting is large, while the 63d/24f downstream water jet weaving is cautious, but the transaction price in the market is still increased, and the current mainstream market price is 9000 yuan/T. Judging from the downstream market, the startup rate of water jet mills and warp knitting machines basically remained stable. At present, the polyester inventory level of spinning chemical fiber plants is low, coupled with the rising price of upstream raw materials. Driven by the cost, polyester prices will have a slight upward trend in the future

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