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Dynamic news of polyester filament Market -- Shengze chemical fiber Market (05.15)

on May 15, the polyester market is still depressed, and the trading volume on the market is at the lower middle level of accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. The ex factory price of POY varieties in Shengze has been adjusted down by 100 yuan/t, and in Taicang, polyester POY has also been adjusted down by 100 yuan/t, using onomatopoeia to describe the characteristics of materials. Although the quotations of several spinning mills in Wujiang have not changed, preferential price concessions have appeared. The quotation of Tongxiang spinning manufacturers is barely stable, but the sales pressure of polyester varieties is widespread

in terms of sales volume of market varieties, dty100d/36f is relatively smooth; DTY black silk (yarn) is also relatively dynamic. In addition, dty75d/36f has a relatively good downstream demand due to the fact that there are many downstream warp knitting fabrics and jet looms for woolen Chunya spinning. The market of dayuangguang FDY silk is not bad. Compared with China, FDY dayuangguang silk 50D should be considered and planned as a best-selling product for the production of water jet polychrome fabrics. Semi dull FDY fine denier silk series is unsalable, and the price trend is relatively stable. POY textured silk on the market is also generally sold recently. The demand for POY silk 50D and 75D for weaving is poor, so as to avoid unnecessary losses, but the price remains stable. The upstream raw material market is in a weak adjustment, the polyester market is in a strong wait-and-see mood, and the enthusiasm for procurement has decreased. It is expected that the polyester market on the weekend will still have a slight downward trend

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