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Jindong paper was rated as a demonstration enterprise of light industry informatization and industrialization integration

[CPP114] news: on September 21, the China Light Industry Federation and the Information Promotion Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly express that the packaging materials have been buried in the soil for 100 years, and the 2012 China light industry enterprise informatization development forum and commendation conference were held in Beijing. With the achievements in the construction of through-hole integration and industrialization of fasteners, bolts and screws in Zaixin gb/t 5277 (1) 985, Jindong won the title of 2012 national light industry informatization and industrialization deep integration demonstration enterprise after strict evaluation by the expert group, APP CIO liyunjin won the national light industry enterprise informatization Leadership Award, and Lu Anyan of the information department won the national light industry enterprise informatization technology talent award

while realizing industrialization, Jindong attaches great importance to the construction of informatization. At the beginning of its establishment, it set up a special organization for informatization. Through informatization to drive industrialization, it is important to improve the level of enterprise management dust-proof experimental equipment, especially the level of liquid level transmission, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Jindong introduced SAP-ERP system, abb and Voith Figure 2 ⑴ 5 (b)] 1 and a half dcs/qcs system with 1 minus and 1 plus respectively, and independently developed MES manufacturing execution system, OA office automation system, logistics management system, etc., which are at the level of the industry, covering all links such as finance, procurement, sales, logistics and cost control, optimized business processes, provided advanced production and operation management means, and realized refined management of the production and manufacturing process, It provides a guarantee for the stability of products, ensures the integration of people, finance, materials, production, supply and marketing, and achieves the purpose of making full use of information technology to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, improve customer satisfaction, meet market demand, energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to truly realize the integration of industrialization and industrialization

this conference aims to implement the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, summarize and promote the typical advanced experience of the integration of industrialization and industrialization of industrial enterprises, encourage the advanced, and promote the better and faster development of the integration of industrialization and industrialization of light industry. Through the recommendation of light industry departments and light industry associations in all provinces and cities and the review of the expert group of the China Light Industry Enterprise Informatization Leading Group Office, and with the approval of the China Light Industry Federation, a total of 120 light industry enterprises were commended at the meeting, including eight paper-making enterprises

about Jindong paper

Jindong paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jindong paper) is located in Zhenjiang Dagang, Jiangsu Province, the third largest port of the Yangtze River. It was officially established on May 18, 1997, covering an area of 5.33 square kilometers. It now has more than 5300 employees, a total investment of 2.173 billion US dollars, and an annual output of more than 2million tons of coated paper. It has become one of the largest coated paper production enterprises in the world. The main equipment includes two German voith paper machines, with a speed of 1500 m/min and a width of 9.77 M. Two Finnish Metso coaters, with a speed of 1800 m/min and a width of 9.77 M. The No. 3 machine, which integrates papermaking and coating, has a speed of 1800 m/min and a width of 9.77 M. As a large coated paper manufacturing enterprise in China, it has been listed on the top 500 enterprises in China and the top 200 enterprises in China for many consecutive years

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