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Jingfang Technology: it plans to increase the capital of Jingfang optoelectronics with machinery, equipment and intangible assets to promote the effective extension of the company's industrial chain. Yi said in the evening of March 22 - (,) (603005) that the company plans to jointly increase the capital of Suzhou Jingfang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jingfang optoelectronics") with Suzhou Industrial Park Ruiying management consulting partnership (limited partnership). Among them, the amount of capital increase of the company for composite materials is 46.66 million yuan, and the way of contribution is machinery and equipment and related intangible assets. The amount of capital increase of Ruiying consulting is 8million yuan, and the way of contribution is monetary capital

Jingfang technology said that this capital increase will have the ability of independent research and development, which is conducive to the accuracy of piston displacement indication: 0.5% FS; Fang Guangdian's technology transplantation, production line construction and business expansion successfully realize the industrialized application of the leading wafer level micro optical device manufacturing technology in China, which is in line with the company's strategic development plan of accelerating the integration of industrial resources, seeking the core technology and manufacturing capacity required for future development, and promoting the effective extension and layout of the industrial chain

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