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  • Detail "natural selection" project will achieve an annual trading volume of 100billion yuan

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on November 19, global technology Explorer Conference (jddiscovery) opened in Beijing. The conference set up a main forum and seven sub forums. More than 100 guests from the government, academia, industry, industry associations, and science and technology circles discussed retail technology, intelligent logistics, the second half of financial technology, 5g Digital marketing, IOT and other hot topics. Xu Lei, CEO of JD retail group, pointed out at the conference: "JD retail has become a typical technology driven retail company and will become a friendly trading platform based on the supply chain."

at the retail technology sub forum, Hu Hao, senior director of supply chain R & D Department of JD smart supply chain y business management department, shared JD's overall solution of "smart supply chain upgrading under multi terminal and multi scenario": "two directions and three modernizations". Two-way refers to the forward Omni channel supply chain and the reverse c2m supply chain, and three-way refers to the intelligent decision-making of the supply chain, the standardization of the supply chain capacity, and the collaborative ecology of the supply chain

Hu Hao said in an interview: " has avoided the destruction of extended schemes due to human overload in the past 20 years, and has always adhered to the principle of ensuring that the consumer experience comes first. We have been focusing on consumers' improvement and innovation of the whole consumer experience, and constantly meet consumers' expectations. It is always necessary to constantly innovate and meet consumers' needs in advance, so as to continuously get consumers' satisfactory evaluation of"

provide Omni channel supply chain solutions through AI algorithms

it is reported that JD retail has the backstage performance ability that other platforms do not have, and can coordinate the commodity flow and information flow between JD retail and social channels, saving an average of more than 50% of operating costs. Behind this is the "intelligent performance decision-making brain" of JD retail. At present, the system has the ability to process 50million orders per day and 200million orders per day, and has been opened to third parties

Hu Hao said that the omni channel supply chain refers to's use of this powerful "intelligent performance decision-making brain" system to get through the store inventory, connect the distribution of partners such as dada and home, upgrade the omni channel reach capability, and form synergy among multiple ends and scenarios. At the moment when the user orders, the "intelligent performance decision-making brain" can calculate the scheme with the fastest delivery speed, the least cost and the best experience through the calculation of massive real-time data in the background through AI algorithm, so that consumers can enjoy the best shopping experience

Hu Hao revealed that the "natural selection for the continuous development of the new energy vehicle market" project carried out by JD supermarket is an innovative project based on the omni-channel supply chain system. One month after the implementation of the project in June this year, the scope of performance has covered more than 60 cities, with more than 300 retailers and 24000 stores in cooperation channels. In addition, the omni channel supply chain also has the "one inventory" mode of self operated and third-party businesses - 6 Magnetic materials - share self owned inventory with third-party merchants, help merchants realize zero inventory sales, and save merchants' inventory storage costs. Hu Hao said that in the future, the omni channel supply chain will support the natural selection project to achieve an annual transaction volume of 100 billion, and continue to expand new business models

to accurately meet consumer demand, c2m reverse customization mode has become an explosive incubator

c2m supply chain is based on in-depth insight into consumer demand to customize product images, functions and prices that are more in line with consumer demand. For example, the new Weida super tough just1 national fashion tissue launched by Weida in conjunction with the Summer Palace this year is a new special edition kitchen tissue product of the summer palace, which is customized in reverse with the c2m platform of JD y business department. Once released, the product is widely loved and praised by consumers, and has become a well deserved popular national fashion tissue this year

during the recent jd.11 global shopping festival, the sales volume of reverse customized reading + Games increased by 300% year-on-year, and the turnover of reverse customized products in the PC category of digital venue increased by 491% year-on-year. It can be said that JD c2m reverse customization mode has become an explosive incubator

it is reported that will release 100million new products and c2m products in the next three years

intelligent supply chain, Zhongtai chemical and collaborative businesses achieve a 33% increase in the next day's delivery efficiency through warehouse optimization.

intelligent supply chain is a combination of artificial intelligence and operation research optimization technology to create and continuously optimize market insight, accurate selection, automatic pricing, intelligent inventory, and the ability to fulfill pressure contract decision-making systems, and upgrade supply chain management processes and operation capabilities through intelligent systems, So as to improve the efficiency of the supply chain of massive commodities under the consumption mode of multiple ends and multiple scenarios

it is reported that has achieved highly automated management of 5million self operated commodities, more than 500 warehouses, and 100 billion scale inventory, maintaining business indicators of low turnover and high spot rate. It is the first and only platform in China to intelligently manage inventory through big data and AI technology. Hu Hao said that JD will continue to improve the automation process capability and realize the full automation of the purchase, distribution and return process of standard categories

with the expansion of multiple ends, multiple scenarios, and multiple sites, the supply chain system is required to support new scenarios in an efficient and low-cost manner, which requires the mid platform of supply chain capabilities. has systematically built a supply chain mid platform since this year, which is to extract's supply chain technical capabilities and business experience accumulated over the years into mid platform capabilities. Based on the mid platform capabilities of the supply chain, The support for the front office business of the supply chain can be quickly realized through a flexible way of standardization + configuration + customization. We have used this supply chain middle office method to support main station, international Thailand station, Indonesia station, and new business scenarios. On the basis of the supply chain middle office, currently needs only two weeks to expand the supply chain system capacity of a new international station, which greatly improves the research and development efficiency, The middle office of the supply chain not only supports the expansion of internal multi terminal and multi scenario, but also supports the collaborative opening of external supply chains

the supply chain is an end-to-end network. Only through in-depth collaboration between the zero supplier and the supplier can the cost efficiency optimization of the whole supply chain be achieved. Hu Hao revealed that the supply chain collaborative ecology refers to the data sharing, prediction collaboration, planning collaboration, replenishment collaboration, and warehouse collaboration between retailers and brands to serve the ultimate consumers. From the data of the warehouse collaboration case, we can see that the cost and timeliness of the supply chain can be significantly optimized. For example, through warehouse optimization, a cooperative merchant in the FMCG industry reduced the warehouse allocation cost of the six warehouse entry scheme by 8% and increased the timeliness of the next day by 33%

for the future development of collaborative supply chain, Hu Hao hopes to achieve collaborative prediction, replenishment and warehouse optimization with tens of thousands of merchants through's joint construction with all parties, so as to make outstanding contributions to the cost optimization of the supply chain of the whole industry

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