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Melbourne develops a new type of fire-proof material that can really absorb heat

researchers at CSIRO in Melbourne are developing a tough new fire-proof coating called high impact polystyrene

high impact polystyrene (HIPS) coatings can withstand temperatures of more than 1000 ℃, while the coatings used in commercial building materials and structures have been damaged between degrees Celsius

high impact polystyrene coating contains inorganic mineral polymer resin and a small part of polymer additives

Dr. damianfullston is the person in charge of this project, which can only work normally after re calibrating the sensor. He is a material scientist and engineer of damianfullston. He said that CSIRO is looking for interested paint merchants to manufacture hips products with new technical specifications as partners with CSIRO to meet the selection and application of products

"They are not only fire-proof, explosion-proof and acid resistant, but also very strong. They can be castable, sprayed and extruded. The potential of using these resources is endless.

polymer additives are used in high impact polystyrene coatings to improve flexibility and waterproof performance, and can provide more powerful viscosity, which is an important performance of the coatings.

high impact polystyrene has the possibility to form a thin fire resistance of wood Paint is like windshields, as well as metal, such as structure or galvanized steel, it can also protect bricks, whether as a thin coating for men or as provided by Wang Qingguo: high impact polystyrene can be applied to spray equipment, rollers or brushes, and repair the ambient temperature below 90 ° C. They can come from industrial by-products, such as fly ash and slag. They can be cheaper than organic resins and dyed with pigments. Jinan experimental machine has been famous nationwide

the strength of high impact polystyrene is better applied than the thermal sensitivity of phenolic resin, but at higher temperatures, high impact polystyrene can retain higher temperatures, and has more resistance and better strength than ordinary phenolic acids

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