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Member Robin Lee: in the era of artificial intelligence, we should break the "data island" and "innovation island"

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March 2 Topic: member Robin Lee: in the era of artificial intelligence, we should break the "data island" and "innovation Island"

Xinhua news agency, Zhang Xinxin and Chen Weiwei

"this year, I still pay attention to artificial intelligence." When he met Robin Lee, member of the CPPCC National Committee and founder of Baidu company, he was improving his latest proposal. Since then, it has been suggested to set up a "Chinese brain" to improve the overall technical capacity of the country, to promote the industrialization of face recognition applications, to build intelligent transportation with vehicle road coordination this year, and to improve the electronic medical record management system... Robin Lee's proposal has been concerned about artificial intelligence in recent years

he believes that as the application of technology continues to mature, the era of industrial openness and cooperation is coming. "We are willing to be the 'deck' of the 'giant ship' of artificial intelligence to provide support for more innovators and jointly promote the healthy development of the industry." He said

in the digital age, the changes brought about by technology are always unimaginable and quickly dependent

a few years ago, people were still arguing about the future of artificial intelligence, and now they have gradually integrated into "Smart Life". From intelligent monitoring, face recognition to travel navigation... It has been found in many fields of clothing, food, housing and transportation. Industrial production "link", management intelligence upgrade, Enterprise Cloud Service... Production and manufacturing has therefore become efficient and convenient

however, many people in the industry believe that the statistics of the Ministry of industry and information technology show that China's invention patent authorization in the field of artificial intelligence has ranked first in the world, the level of speech recognition and machine vision has accelerated, and the innovation of smart cars, intelligent service robots and so on is active. Autotransformers should be set up where the power supply voltage is too low. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of related industries driven by artificial intelligence in China will exceed trillion yuan

"in almost any industry we can think of, we can see the existence of artificial intelligence." Robin Lee said that after a long period of technological research and development, the pull disk is composed of a disk with a side wall, algorithm cultivation and computing power improvement. The industry is ushering in a rapid growth period of application, and will be in a high-speed growth stage for a long time in the future

however, the rapid expansion of the market will also expose some problems. A typical one is "data island"

"we have a large amount of data, but there is no connection between these data." Robin Lee said that taking intelligent medicine as an example, electronic medical records cannot be interconnected between different hospitals. Often after seeing a doctor in one hospital, going to another hospital has to re describe the condition and examination

"on the basis of protecting users' privacy, relevant departments need to promote data sharing and improve the value of data applications." Robin Lee said

as urgent and even more urgent as cracking the "data island" is to change the "innovation island"

"we hope to 'subtract' for more innovators, lower the threshold, break through the barriers and form a joint force." Robin Lee believes that openness is a necessary condition for the development of artificial intelligence. Only by bringing together more data, computing power and technology can we show greater influence. In the past few years, Baidu has gradually established a series of open platforms to share technology and data with the industry

innovation is not only the synergy of technology, but also the joint efforts of all sectors

such as intelligent transportation. Robin Lee said that Baidu has been deeply involved in unmanned cars for many years, and has increasingly realized that alleviating congestion is not only a problem of the car itself, but also requires the cooperation of the whole society. In his proposal, he proposed to use new technologies such as artificial intelligence to build intelligent transportation solutions to make travel smoother and safer

Baidu is also debugging an automatic parking solution based on vehicle road collaboration technology, and is cooperating with Changsha

"no matter how complex the technology is, it also needs to be simple." Robin Lee said that what Baidu hopes to share is an innovative ability. By constantly lowering the threshold, people can better develop and use technology, and promote the industry to accelerate towards maturity

the development of technology cannot exceed the rule "red line". It is necessary to strengthen the research of artificial intelligence ethics and correctly deal with the relationship between machine and human

at present, China has just begun to discuss the ethics of artificial intelligence outside a wide range of product lines. Robin Lee suggested that the competent government departments should take the lead to organize interdisciplinary experts, AI enterprise representatives, users and the public to carry out research and strengthen the responsibility of enterprises. Take technological innovation and industrial norms as the guide, and build the competitive advantage of artificial intelligence

"this is a track wide enough." Robin Lee said that what is more urgent than competition is to find more innovative points, create more value, and make technology better benefit the society

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