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Strong members of the lumia family

since Nokia's first WP system intelligent machine lumia 800 appeared in October 2011, the lumia family has continued to grow, with members including a large 6-inch screen lumia 1520, cameramen's favorite lumia 1020, the latest flagship lumia 930, and lumia 630 and lumia 635 in order to obtain products that meet quality standards, personal intelligence and people-friendly

let's go back to various innovations and classics on lumia in the past few years

lumia 800

(2011.10) lumia 800 draws inspiration from the prominent lightweight advantages of Nokia N9 (1) and uses a unique, bright, strong and fashionable polycarbonate shell. Its arrival ushers in a new era of Nokia smartphones. Lumia 800 has an 8-megapixel camera, a single core processor, supports 3G, and a 3.7-inch screen. It is a little Petite compared with lumia 1520 and lumia 1320, which can cover the entire palm of the hand, especially in the case of a large amount of experiments

lumia 800 adopts clearblack display technology, and the screen still has good readability in the sun. The built-in WP7 system integrates Microsoft office, xbox live games and the popular, unique and free mixradio that turns waste into treasure

from then on, lumia innovation began to grow

lumia 900

(January 2012) the 4.3-inch lumia 900 came to the U.S. market first with a variety of innovative technologies first used. It is the first lumia member to support 4G Mobile lattice

lumia 920

(2012.9) lumia 920 has so many flash points that it can be called the most innovative intelligence in history. It has not only replaced the wp8 system, but also a number of internal innovations: the 4.5-inch pure puremotion ultra-high definition display, whose pixel lighting speed is twice that of other competitive products. Ultra sensitive touch screen, even if you wear gloves to operate, the screen response is also smooth. The wireless charging technology supporting Qi standard brings a series of charging accessories, such as JBL speakers that can pair and play music through NFC with a touch

the camera is also very powerful. It adopts floating lens and pure view technology with optical anti shake function. This is the first lumia model using this technology. In addition, lumia 920 supports 1080p Full HD video recording, is equipped with Nokia's largest battery (2000mAh), and brings users a location-based ar enhanced live application city kaleidoscope for the first time. The color of polycarbonate shell has added domineering and now has a representative bright yellow

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