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Memory suddenly fell by 5%, and the shares of Samsung and Hynix plummeted

the soaring memory price in the past two years is unforgettable. Just in the fourth quarter of 2017, the memory price began to stabilize and fall back, and the industry price of DRAM memory chips also fell by 5%

although the figure of 5% is not big, it is enough to make the whole memory loaded with servo Electromechanical, high-precision displacement measurement mechanism control, high-precision load sensor to form a closed-loop control system and the investment industry panic, especially worried about the profit situation in 2018

according to the latest prediction, the growth rate of DRAM memory industry will halve to 30% in 2018 - yes, 30% growth can not satisfy investors, they want 60%

you know, in 2017, taking advantage of the large price rise of the imbalance between supply and demand one month ago, the entire DRAM memory industry soared like a rocket, exceeding $70billion a year

this concern, that is, the social manifestation of the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, is reflected in the stock price, and January 6 seems to become a turning point. Among the two giants, Samsung Electronics' share price plummeted by 7.5% in a week, and SK Hynix also fell by 6.2%

of course, there is a strong demand for DRAM memory, especially intelligence. Compared with the second quarter of 2016, the memory capacity has increased by 38% (and the flash memory capacity has increased by 84%), so the DRAM memory industry is unlikely to collapse. In 2018, the overall situation is still relatively stable, but the growth rate has changed

analysts estimated that the operating profit of Samsung's chip division could reach 47% in 2016, a gratifying increase from 26.5% last year, and could further reach 55.5% in 2018

according to other data, more than 50% of Samsung's memory chip revenue in 2017 came from the Chinese mainland market

dram industry is also vigorously expanding production capacity. The total investment in 2017 and 2018 will reach $10billion. Therefore, by 2019, the price of DRAM memory chips is expected to decline by up to 18%

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