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Member Liu Weichang: promoting ecological breeding and environmental protection also increases income

"promoting ecological breeding can greatly increase the income of farmers, improve the rural production and living environment, and meet people's consumption demand for high-quality agricultural products, which is worth advocating." Combined with many investigations, liuweichang, member of the CPPCC National Committee and director of the village committee of BUZHAI village, Feixiang District, Handan City, put forward this proposal

committee member Liu Weichang learned that a fellow villager in Beibao village, Dongjia, Feixiang District explored and formed a new breeding model, and obtained a national patent, so he went to investigate. This is a three-dimensional planting and breeding mode - farmers first plant mulberry trees and cold tolerant grasses, and then flatten them at a height of 50 to 100 cm, so that the raised animals can freely feed on grass tips and leaves on the grid, and animal feces can leak from the grid to the ground

on the ground, farmers breed earthworms at the same time. Earthworms can devour molds and prevent the atmospheric pollution caused by hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, nitrogen oxide and other wastes metabolized by molds. Earthworm feces can also form pellets, which can promote the hardened soil to become high-quality soil

"in 8 years, the animals in this farm have never had diseases, antibiotics and other drugs are rarely used, and the main indicators of livestock and poultry products produced are better than the national standards." According to member Liu Weichang, this new breeding mode has also been recognized by the market. The price of the product is significantly higher than that of ordinary products, and the expenditure on drugs, labor, etc. is saved. The economic benefit is also better than that, but the basic free gift is ideal

"such an ecological breeding mode can increase the income of farmers and promote the development of circular economy. It is hoped that the Department concerned and its controlling shareholder CSR (5.80, 0.00, 0.00%) will solve the outstanding horizontal competition problems over the years through asset replacement, and promote the new ecological breeding mode while stabilizing livestock and poultry production." Liu Weichang said

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